Saturday, February 17, 2018

Weeks of 1/7 + 1/14

These two weeks were spent finishing up the CAD model of the podcar, which is roughly 98% complete. Input data from the controls team regarding compartments (if they are still desiring that) will be recorded. Printing sources are being procured as of now.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week of 1/31

This week our team worked on brief lightning talks to update the rest of the group on our progress and our plans for this semester. Topics include design changes to the model to account for aesthetics and implementation of boundary surfaces. Biggest efforts as of now are to find a reliable printing source.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Week of 1/24

This week, the meeting was short but the team gathered together to plan the lightning presentation for next week. The presentation plans to briefly discuss an overview of last semester's progress and discuss this semester's plans and goals for maker faire.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Week of 12/6

This meeting was the last of the semester before winter break starts. The last of the presentations of the groups were done today. The 12th scale cabin team's presentation can be found below. For a quick recap of the progress done so far:

  • The team accomplished fabricating two cabin designs
    • Prototype 1 satisfied the function of housing the controls without excess space
    • Prototype 2 touched on a more aerodynamic and futuristic aesthetic
  • Conducted an aerodynamic analysis of the cabin
  • Begun conceptual designs of Prototype 3

The printing of Prototype 3 will be done by the beginning of then next semester. In the meantime, Prototype aims to be a further refinement in aesthetics while the attempting to fulfill the following functional goals:

  • Sustain a fall from 3 ft fall with all the components contained in it
  • Proper air ventilation (heat from internal battery) 
  • Develop a compartment system for all the internal components
  • Find a proper door alternative that is safe and convenient

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week of 11/29

This meeting was spent mostly by listening to final presentations of the Full Scale Team and one 1/12th Scale Team. After presentations, it was agreed to have a printing of Prototype 2 done by next meeting. The Cabin team is still waiting on a response to Professor Yousseffi of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Our Presentation 3 was completed this week but we will post it here the following week after our presentation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weeks of 11/15 - 11/22

For the week of 11/15, the team together simply worked on finishing the second potential Prototype 2 of the cabin. Here, the final 3D CAD model of the second prototype took into account of the speedboat like design of the drawn concepts mentioned in the last log. The final model went with a more bullet-esque design compared to the first concept of prototype 2. A final choice of which concept to choose for the final Prototype 2 will be considered to an aerodynamic analysis and realistic factors as in fitting components and if it is comfortable when translated to full scale. For the Week of 11/22, the team will take the week off due to Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week of 11/1

During the 11/1 meeting, it was fairly short again as the control's team did not have all their parts in as well. The controls team did not have most of their parts, but they did have their battery, which is their largest component and we began dimensioning Prototype 2 based on that. Also, sketching and CAD of 1/2 of the possible Prototype 2's have been drawn. Here, aesthetics and aerodynamics will be more of a concern. Concepts and paper 2-D drawings have been done by Darren and 3D CAD modeling by Kaelan. Once CAD is finished, aerodynamic qualities will be calculated and examined. This will be used as one of the deciding factors in the final design.

Weeks of 1/7 + 1/14

These two weeks were spent finishing up the CAD model of the podcar, which is roughly 98% complete. Input data from the controls team regard...