Week of 9/13

This week our team developed a few more concepts for the design of the cabin in addition to suggestion possible door ideas. Our design is mostly based off of a cabin with this look:
The overall look is simple enough so that the theoretical manufacturing costs would not be too high. The windows and curves however provide that futuristic look that we are aiming for. 
The 12th scale teams also set up means of communication with one another, since all of our work and designs are at least somewhat co-dependent on one another. Our teams have agreed to use for talking and sharing files. This will be addressed and reflected upon in our presentation.

Week of 9/3 Pt.2

Last Wednesday, our meeting was mostly full of presentations of the other Spartan Superway subgroups. The presentations largely covered each of the subgroups' obstacles and goals for the semester. Presentations were graded and suggestions for each project were given by Furman and Hagstrom.

Once our group presented we received very helpful feedback for our project. Some suggestions we found helpful was considering the size of the cabin, having transparent walls, the shape of the cabin not being an eye sore, etc. Our group decided to have three mockup designs by next Wednesday and take the best from the ideas. Also, we'll talk to the other 1/12 design teams to see how feasible our design is.

Week of 9/3

This post was made before our lightning presentation for Wednesday, 9/6. As previously stated in our last post, we are trying to aiming for a design that is both aerodynamically efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the public. As we do not have the specific dimensions of the components needed to be housed inside the model, we only have a rough guess of how we currently plan on incorporating the small components in the model. Below is our rough design and a link to our lightning presentation:

Week of 8/28

After consulting with the professor, we looked online for possible inspiration for our cabin design. Keeping in mind aspects such as manufacturing capability, internal storage, and aesthetics, we searched for designs that revolved around futuristic themes such as the one shown below. 

Ideally the cabin will have an interior designed to fit the batteries and control components with compartments designated for each. This would allow for simpler maintenance and organization. The door would be made in a way that would provide an interior cross section of the entire cabin, similar to the one already made.