Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Week of 11/29

This meeting was spent mostly by listening to final presentations of the Full Scale Team and one 1/12th Scale Team. After presentations, it was agreed to have a printing of Prototype 2 done by next meeting. The Cabin team is still waiting on a response to Professor Yousseffi of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Our Presentation 3 was completed this week but we will post it here the following week after our presentation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weeks of 11/15 - 11/22

For the week of 11/15, the team together simply worked on finishing the second potential Prototype 2 of the cabin. Here, the final 3D CAD model of the second prototype took into account of the speedboat like design of the drawn concepts mentioned in the last log. The final model went with a more bullet-esque design compared to the first concept of prototype 2. A final choice of which concept to choose for the final Prototype 2 will be considered to an aerodynamic analysis and realistic factors as in fitting components and if it is comfortable when translated to full scale. For the Week of 11/22, the team will take the week off due to Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Week of 11/1

During the 11/1 meeting, it was fairly short again as the control's team did not have all their parts in as well. The controls team did not have most of their parts, but they did have their battery, which is their largest component and we began dimensioning Prototype 2 based on that. Also, sketching and CAD of 1/2 of the possible Prototype 2's have been drawn. Here, aesthetics and aerodynamics will be more of a concern. Concepts and paper 2-D drawings have been done by Darren and 3D CAD modeling by Kaelan. Once CAD is finished, aerodynamic qualities will be calculated and examined. This will be used as one of the deciding factors in the final design.

Week of 11/8

This meeting saw the 3D CAD modeling of 1 of 2 potential designs of Prototype 2 finished by Kaelan. The first design mainly went for a slender and aerodynamic asymmetrical design. As he did this Darren started drafting the second potential design that incorporated a more compact and bullet-esque symmetrical design. CAD modeling for this design is expected to start next week. Based on the progress so far, the team is actually 1 week behind schedule. So hopefully by the end of this week, 3D printing will begin on the preferred design of Prototype 2.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

week of 10/25

Following the presentations today, the finished print of the Prototype 1 design and let the other 1/12 scale teams examine it. Then the cabin team moved forward with the schedule and focused on the aesthetic side of things regarding the cabin until the other teams could finalize their details. Until dimensions are decided, drawings have been made for potential Prototype 2 designs. An idea was also pitched to utilize the underspace of the cabin as advertising space (mobile billboard) to pull in additional revenue. Currently, 2 possible Protoype 2's are underway.

week of 5/9/2018

This week is our final meeting for the project term, and I have successfully completed my tasks as part of the Cabin Design team. We will no...