Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Week of 12/6

This meeting was the last of the semester before winter break starts. The last of the presentations of the groups were done today. The 12th scale cabin team's presentation can be found below. For a quick recap of the progress done so far:

  • The team accomplished fabricating two cabin designs
    • Prototype 1 satisfied the function of housing the controls without excess space
    • Prototype 2 touched on a more aerodynamic and futuristic aesthetic
  • Conducted an aerodynamic analysis of the cabin
  • Begun conceptual designs of Prototype 3

The printing of Prototype 3 will be done by the beginning of then next semester. In the meantime, Prototype aims to be a further refinement in aesthetics while the attempting to fulfill the following functional goals:

  • Sustain a fall from 3 ft fall with all the components contained in it
  • Proper air ventilation (heat from internal battery) 
  • Develop a compartment system for all the internal components
  • Find a proper door alternative that is safe and convenient

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